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Expand search with asterisk (*)A search can be expanded by adding an asterisk (*) at the end of the search word. This allows the search to include different endings of the current search word.FilteringSearching with different filters (e.g. categories and licenses) creates an AND between the filters. Searching with several options within a filter (e.g. several different formats) creates an OR between the options.Search within filtersWithin the filters for category, organization and format, it is possible to perform a search, e.g. it is possible to search for a special authority or municipality within the filter for organization. Sorting When sorting the search result by "Relevance", the search term is matched by heading. When sorting by "Last modified", the most recently updated metadata (information about the data) is displayed first. The fact that the metadata is updated does to mean that the actual data is updated. Licenses Licenses are rules for how data may be used, read more about licenses.

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